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Currently just improving my art. Don't know that'll ever get a chance to make a series. but I'll work at it nonetheless.

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Commission info 2020

Posted by CosmicHentai - 1 month ago

Commission Info

For any extra questions feel free to dm me, and for business you can contact me via email: Cosmichentai@gmail.com

Estimated (Optimal/minimal) completion time: 1-2 days. The more characters or detail, the longer it is likely to take.

Base Prices

 $21 Linework

 $27 B&W cell shaded 

$42 b&w render

$32 colored 

 $36 color cell shaded 

 $52 color render

 Payment method: PAYPAL

(Samples at the bottom of post)

Discounts and Multipliers

%35 headshot

%35 +extra character

%25 +Set piece (background)

+%40 mech

+%75 PSD

 x2 Concept art

x3 Character Reference art

 Comic (base price is multiplied by number of panels (minimum 3), and then divided by 1.8)


 -This is not mandatory (there are exceptions) but please know what you want me to draw before hand and don't be fickle. It really handicaps progress and stresses me out when a commissioner constantly changes their mind during a commission. Not saying it's not okay to change your mind at all, making small changes is okay, but I've had commissions that should have only taken a day to do but they turned into a weekly ordeal and they wasted so much time because the commissioner didn't know what they wanted or kept wanting to make big changes in the middle.or toward the end of the process.

 -I don't do partials as in: pay half now, half later; do flats now, render later; or add different characters or details days or weeks later. I'd willing to do flats now, render later only if I'm informed ahead of time thats what you want to do and you pay for both flats and renders. I don't know of any artists that do partials, I've never heard of it, and I feel like I'm being ripped off when people ask for it.

-You won't get a PSD unless you want to pay extra. PSDs (besides signing my work) are my part of my insurance. Proof that I've drawn something if anyone steals my art or says otherwise. PSDs are available if you want to pay, but they are not your right so don't ask or demand a free one.

 -I don't do full blown comic books. I don't have the patience or skill to even do my own.

 -I don't do scat, feces, vomit, stink and the sort

 -Don't be rude. Be respectful and friendly and I'll repay you in kind. I'm pretty casual so no need to be so formal/proffessional, unless of course you want it that way then I'll oblige.

That's all I ask. <3